etekicon   eTEK Online  (all of the same features and functionality of eTEK Traditional but running securly on the Internet on your very own assigned virtual private server - our customers report eTEK Online has many more features needed by professional contractors than QuickBooks Online)

                      eTEK Online is designed for ...weboffice365

This is our flagship product that is rapidly becoming one of the most popular systems sold by eTEK. The benefits are truly compelling, summarized as follows:

checkmarklow initial cost to get started; with low on-going monthly fees that bundle all software license fees, support, training and web-hosting costs into one low, affordable payment. With no long-term contracts or obligations.

checkmarkfast easy updating and upgrading of your system by our support team. We pass that savings along to you!

checkmarkyour ability to use our software 24x7 from any device with access to the Internet ...

checkmark... anywhere in the world (Think about that!).

checkmarkbackup and security that is significantly better than most organization can afford to install and maintain. And, please know we continue to maintain a current copy of the programs you have licensed from us, at a location totally independent of any web-hosting service.

checkmarkthe days of having to periodically spend $$$ to upgrade your office server, desktops, network and Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office software licenses are over!

checkmark... the list goes on and on.

The basis for eTEK Online is known as "SaaS" - a commonly used abbreviation for the term Software as a Service, the #1 trend in the software industry today.

SaaS puts the incentives on us - your software vendor - our product and support must be consistently excellent to earn and keep your business on a continuing basis. A very large number of our customers have been using our software for 20+ years! Once you become an eTEK customer we do everything possible to keep your business for as long as possible. That philosophy will never change.

eTEK adopted SaaS some years ago due to the confidence we have in the quality of our software & support; PLUS our growing awareness that most organizations simply cannot afford the costs of implementing and maintaining an IT infastructure inside their own organization that provides the level of security and backup capabilities provided by eTEK's web-hosting backbone.  

Hosted in an extensive network of co-location server farms, the web-hosting environment used by eTEK has completed the SAS70 Type II Audit, the highest level of security available for private co-location facilities. At least six different interlinked co-location facilities comprise the eTEK web-hosting backbone, thus providing an unparalleled level of security. 

Not Interested in SaaS? No problem. We will continue to offer traditional software purchase options for an indefinite period of time as the SaaS-oriented business model continues to mature in the software industry.

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