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As a licensed user of eTEK products we are 100% dedicated to providing superior service to you!

 The fastest, most efficient way we can help is for you to first complete a support request form ..... then call 1-888-243-5007 if you have not heard from your assigned support rep within 24 hours or less during normal business work days (please remember: "form 1st, then call") even when you need emergency help. The form captures info we need to have ASAP in order to save all of us a lot of time.

Our old process of just calling/emailing first was not nearly as effective because our toll-free help desk support number(s) could be busy helping others (or your assigned support rep may not have been available) ... so PLEASE click here to let us know you need help. You and the eTEK support team will immediately receive a copy of your request; a much more efficient way to work together.

#1 TIP: ... "have you been able to duplicate the error?" If you cannot duplicate the error, and cannot tell us how to duplicate the error, it will be extremely difficult if not impossible to determine what the problem is. So, please try to duplicate the error so you can accurately describe the specific sequence of keystrokes/operations (what you clicked, when) that were performed just before the error or problem occurs.