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"Cloud-Based" eTEK Construction Systems  

SaaS is a commonly used abbreviation for the term Software as a Service, a rapidly growing trend in the software industry. Benefits include:

- You no longer need to take the risk of purchasing expensive software licenses "up-front" prior to training & implementation; rather you subscribe to a service YOU control.

- One low monthly fee pays for everything: software licenses, training, implementation, support & updates (see examples below).

- Subscribers can cancel at any time (after modest 3-month start-up fee is paid) or continue indefinitely; NO long term contracts or commitments ... None! You are in complete control. 

SaaS puts the incentives on your software vendor - their product and support must be consistently excellent to earn your business on a continuing basis. eTEK adopted SaaS due to the confidence we have in the quality of our software & support; PLUS our growing awareness that most organizations simply cannot afford the costs of implementing and maintaining an IT infastructure inside their own organization that provides the level of security and backup capabilities provided by eTEK's web-hosting backbone.  

Hosted in an extensive network of co-location server farms, the web-hosting environment used by eTEK has completed the SAS70 Type II Audit, the highest level of security available for private co-location facilities. At least six different interlinked co-location facilities comprise the eTEK web-hosting backbone, thus providing an unparalleled level of security. 

Not Interested in SaaS? No problem. We will continue to offer traditional software purchase options for an indefinite period of time as the SaaS-oriented business model continues to mature in the software industry.

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