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eTEK for SQL Server


When to use eTEK for Microsoft SQL Server?

When the number of concurrent users in your organizations exceeds 9 and/or the volume of transactions in your business would be considered large.

eTEK for Microsoft SQL Server is a traditional, full-feature, network-based, client/server enterprise accounting system (aka ERP). Based on Microsoft SQL Server, these versions meet the needs of larger organizations with many concurrent users and/or large transaction volumes across multiple companies, divisions, departments and/or product lines.

It is important to understand the basic underlying marketing and technological reasons behind this version of eTEK Accounting/Fundamentals. We are serious about providing you with scalability without the need and expense of re-training your users.  Savvy business organizations will not purchase a new accounting system unless they can be assured that it will grow as their business grows. Research confirms that most organizations seldom change their accounting systems. When they do, the primary reasons are to gain easier access to their accounting data, and more importantly to significantly improve the timeliness and accuracy of management information. With these thoughts in mind, eTEK has designed this version to use Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (and earlier versions) so that there are no practical limitations to the number of transactions and/or number of concurrent users. It just makes good business sense to put our Microsoft Office compatible accounting system "in front of" Microsoft SQL Server on a Microsoft network.  This approach is strongly endorsed and encouraged by Microsoft. For many years they have been positioning Microsoft Access as the "front-end" to SQL. 

eTEK For SQL Server

eTEK for Microsoft SQL Server allows your organization to process a large number of transactions. Specifically, the upper-end of concurrent users can literally be hundreds to thousands of desktops (so you know this is NOT an idle claim ... click here and scroll down to benchmark performance metrics.

We suspect your requirements will likely not be as larger as some of the benchmarks ... but just so you know, we believe Microsoft's SQL Server is an excellent backend database platform; it is the reason we confidently say that eTEK provides an easy-to-use system with the flexibility YOU WILL NOT OUTGROW! Independent reviews by CPA and Consultants have confirmed our claims.

What about businesses that do not have the same high volume requirements as those described above? Perhaps our mid-range versions would be more than sufficient for your needs. In short, the "flip-side" of scalability is also important to understand. Namely, eTEK customers do not need to buy more of an accounting system than they need. With eTEK you can always grow and expand for a very modest investment!

eTEK for Microsoft SQL Sever was designed around the concept of minimal conversion. Specifically, no additional end-user training is required to upgrade from one version to the other. This is a major benefit. Research confirms that the greatest costs of new systems are the costs of training people to properly setup, implement, and then use and support the systems they have bought.

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