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T & M Billing
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Job Cost/Estimating

Summary of Modules/Applications:   

Base System - Complete Accounting & Job Cost/Project Management

  • General Ledger - you define your chart of accounts YOUR WAY! System automatically links YOUR Job Costs to YOUR General Ledger accounts! You can also define your fiscal year accounting periods any way you like.

  • Accounts Payable - with absolutely no limits on the number of vendor/supplier records.

  • Accounts Receivable (includes Contact Billing, AIA & T&M Billing) - no limits on number of customers.

  • Budgeting - all financial P&L operating accounts.

  • Financial Reports - extensive options; will compare actual to budget for current period and YTD (and prior year); includes comparative Balance Sheets; easy to use trial balance reporting.

  • Job Cost Module with project management codes that are 100% user-defined and flexible. That means you can set up the system to map to exactly the way you run your construction business (Projects, Jobs, Phases, and Tasks). Also includes: Extensive Job Cost Management Reports - WIP, Cost vs. Estimates by Project, Job, Phase and/or Task, Billing/Receipts Analysis (aka "Over/Under Billing"), numerous options to track status of subcontractors, permit inspections, change orders and a complete Equipment Module.

  • Estimating - Our job cost module allows you to import estimates from almost all other popular estimating programs; keeping in mind that eTEK provides the ability for you to enter your estimates for labor, material, equipment, and many other expenses however you desire, as detailed as you want (down to tasks within phases, phases within jobs, and jobs within projects).

  • A.I.A. Billing (with automatic carry forward of customer change orders).

  • Cash Management - unlimited number of bank accounts.

  • Integrated Supplier, Customer and Employee Databases; in essence a practical "built-in" CRM.

  • Report Wizards (Payroll and Job Cost - if you can design Excel reports you can use our built-in Wizards).

  • All System Utilities - detailed audit trails, error logs and system usage tracking.

  • Comprehensive On-Line Help.

Optional Add-On Modules

  • Payroll - all 50 states, includes certified Payroll, W-2's, annual tax table updates, direct deposit.

  • SCM: Supply Chain Management (Includes integrated Work Orders/Sales Orders, Purchasing & Inventory Control). eTEK is one of the very few software systems that provide an option for full integration of all of your purchasing with job costing & inventory control with full N-tier pricing levels and kitting/assemblies at NO extra cost.

  • Custom interface programming - to add your choice of 3rd Party programs or existing systems your organization may be using.

Summary of Major System Characteristics

Overview Video

  • eTEK has earned a superior reputation for practical hands-on training (either on-site or via the Internet)Database options: Modern "open" Microsoft Access 2013 / Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

  • Fully integrated with all Microsoft Office 2013 applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, as well as Outlook and Access 2013.Affordable!

  • You will find that the combined costs of all software, training and support will normally be well below that charged by comparable competing systems! When you request FREE demos/trial systems we will be pleased to provide a copy of our current price list.

  • If you want pricing info right now, please call 1-800-888-6894.eTEK has numerous customers in the construction industry who have been using eTEK software for over 30 years! We understand what it means to help you get over any and all problems as soon as possible. We understand issues like certified Payrolls and flexible T & M billing. You can trust our support to be 100% focused on HELPING YOU SUCCEED!