eTEK Re-Brands & Expands Product Lines

Denver, Colorado, October 1, 2013.  eTEK International announced today several significant changes in their product lines and related marketing direction.

For the past 15 years, the company has used the brand name "eTEK Accounting" to refer to a broad-range of products sold to business organizations in a wide-range of industries. That approach is being refined today to better position the company for current and future growth.

Specifically, all customers in the construction and project-oriented businesses will be offered a re-branded version of eTEK's software to be called "eTEK Construction Systems" to better reflect the target market. This version will include job cost accounting, estimating, project management, T & M billing and A.I.A. billing capabilities - all to be included in a common base suite of applications. The base suite will continue to include a range of accounting programs including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, financial reporting and CRM. Optional add-on modules will be available if desired, including Payroll, Work Orders (Sales), Purchasing, and Inventory control. These optional add-ons will be specifically tailored to be integrated with job cost accounting and related functions in the base suite.

For business organizations in industries that do not need job cost/project management, and related functions, eTEK has launched a new general purpose accounting brand called "Office Accounting 365". This family of applications will also include a complete base suite of accounting applications, as well as optional add-on modules.

Importantly, both systems will be offered in cloud-based, traditional (client/server) and hybrid implementations. eTEK's website will feature eTEK Construction Systems; and their new web site will feature Office Accounting 365.

In commenting on these changes, Al Blair, eTEK's President & CEO remarked, "Candidly, our research confirmed we were confusing new customers with our use of the broader eTEK Accounting brand, especially in the construction and related project-oriented industries - a major strength of our business since its inception. Likewise, general business organizations, including distributors and others, were also not clear if we offered non-construction-oriented systems applicable to their operations. Hopefully, our rebranding will clarify our commitment to delivering top-quality software to all of our key markets."

In a related matter, Mr. Blair announced, "We are also pleased to announce today our selection as an authorized reseller of webDPW(tm) for BMSI, Inc. They have selected eTEK to represent them in all western states. webDPW(tm) is a native web-based service package to manage work orders, technicians and government assets. Additional information is available on: eTEK's webDPW page. This product will also be featured on our web site." 

eTEK is a Colorado-based independent software development corporation specializing in cloud-based, traditional and hybrid accounting and business management software. Products are designed primarily for Microsoft(r) Office and Microsoft(r) SQL Server.

Established in 1998, eTEK's corporate office is based in Denver, Colorado. The company also maintains affiliated offices in several other states including New York, Arizona and Georgia.

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