eTEK Expands Marketing

Denver, Colorado, September 20, 2016.  eTEK International announced today they have re-joined their partnership with Find Accounting.COM.

In commenting on this announcement, Al Blair, eTEK's President & CEO remarked, "We have re-joined our use of the lead-generation services of Find Accounting Software.COM. They have specialized since 1996 in matching customer accounting software needs with capabilities of key vendors such as eTEK. With our eTEK brand, we have chosen to narrow our focus with them to the General Contracting market within the construction industry. Our Office Accounting 365 brand will continue to be focused on the general accounting software market. Both brands will offer SaaS/web-based versions."

eTEK is a Colorado-based independent software development corporation specializing in cloud-based, traditional and hybrid accounting and business management software. Products are designed primarily for Microsoft(r) Office and Microsoft(r) SQL Server. Application systems designed, sold and supported by eTEK include Office Accounting 365 for general business organizations; and eTEK Construction Systems for profesional contractors, consultants and service providers.

Established in 1998, eTEK's corporate office is based in Denver, Colorado. The company also maintains affiliated offices in several other states including New York, Arizona and Georgia.

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