eTEK Receives 2011
Better Business Bureau Gold Star Award

Englewood, Colorado, May 17, 2012. Dale M. Mingilton, President & CEO of the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau, recently announced that eTEK International had won a Better Business Bureau Gold Star Award for 2011. This is the eighth consecutive year eTEK has been recognized with this award. 

The award citation stated, "Congratulations! A review of our records shows your company has had no complaints in the past three years, January 1, 2009 through December 31, 2011! Your adherence to the Better Business Bureau's Membership Standards has earned you a Gold Star. We're proud of you. Keep up the good work!" 

In commenting on the award, Al Blair, eTEK's President & CEO remarked, "We never take our commitment for providing superior customer service for granted; we are obviously pleased again to accept this award. As I have commented in the past, the credit for this award belongs to the employees of eTEK who have worked hard for many years to achieve our enviable industry reputation for top-quality software and service. We sincerely appreciate the recognition of their efforts by the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau." 

eTEK is a Colorado-based independent software development corporation specializing in top-rated accounting software designed for Microsoft(r) Office. Software  is sold as open database, open source accounting and business management systems. Sold increasingly as "software as a service" (SaaS) subscriptions, eTEK systems integrate directly with Microsoft Office, Microsoft BackOffice, and Microsoft SQL Server. eTEK offers a broad range of systems designed to meet the needs of government & business organizations. In addition to being one of the key software vendors for the City & County of Denver, eTEK develops and supports a number of different types of accounting & payroll systems used by small government organizations & non-profits, as well as contractors, distributors, and diversified multi-company/multi-divisional organizations. eTEK software has consistently been rated highly in business software reviews conducted by independent CPA's.


Established in 1998, eTEK's corporate office is based in the Inverness Business Center in a major suburb of Denver, Colorado. The company also maintains offices in several other states including, New York, Texas, and Arizona.

For additional information call 800-888-6894.





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