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custom eTEK Custom Development & Consulting

  • Many organizations have found that "off-the-shelf" software too often fails to provide them with unique reports or features they need to optimize operations inside their organization ...

  • eTEK has designed and implemented numerous specialized systems for organizations in many industries, based on the "generic" foundation of the open database/open source design of eTEK Accounting Systems ... the key point to remember: your custom system will be supported directly by eTEK (not by 3rd-party programmers/consultants as typically found with our larger competitors) ... direct support from eTEK insures your investment in your unique custom capabilities is properly protected.

  • The software engineering team at eTEK includes experts in the latest Microsoft.NET framework, Microsoft SQL Server, and related web-based application development skills.

  • One of the best ways to get "the right-hand & left-hand" in your organization onto "the same page" is to collaborate and become more productive in sharing information ... the latest example (in very simple terms) is the use of "cloud-based" file sharing; e.g. Microsoft's SkyDrive. Click here to see an example based on eTEK Accounting for Microsoft Office 2013.

  • Also available are senior-level IT executives who can assist you with selecting and evaluating accounting and related business management software (see this article for an introduction to the management perspectives available to your organization).

  • How to use your accounting system to grow profits (see this article for an example)

  • Assistance evaluating the knowledge, skills and experience of your next CIO/chief accountant or CFO. We will provide you with an objective and fair no-nonsense, pre-hire critique.Independent management and assessment of in-house software development projects.

  • How to adopt rapid application development techniques used by successful commercial software developers.

  • Advice on selection/upgrades of office computer systems. How .NET can extend your web use for CRM and other applications.

  • For those in the construction/consulting-oriented businesses, check-out this advanced eTEK technical white-paper for some advanced concepts on how to improve profitability.

  • To start the process of discussing how we might best help your organization, please complete this form.